Film On Swedish Heavy Metal Due Next Spring From ENTOMBED, LITHIUM Video Director

November 28, 2006, 12 years ago

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Press Release:

Så Jävla Metal (translates into So Fucking Metal) is a documentary about Swedish Hard Rock and Metal. The film tells the history of the genres birth and development in Sweden, from the late sixties/early seventies up until now. The film is being produced by Stealing Shots Film and is directed by Yasin Hillborg, who has directed music videos for ENTOMBED and LITHIUM amongst others.

The film will feature the most influential bands and artists, within the genre, in Sweden. In addition there will be a number of international artists who will give their views on Swedish Metal.

"We have come half-way through shooting", says Yasin. "We have done a bunch of great interviews and we will reveal the truth of matters that have been under the surface for far too long."

The film is scheduled for release in spring of 2007.

In the meantime more information can be obtained at where it also is possible to write in the guestbook and ask questions or come with suggestions on what bands or subjects the film should bring to light.

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