GOJIRA - Very Rare End Of Time 7" EP Available

February 17, 2012, 7 years ago

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Listenable Records reports:

"We have copies of the very limited GOJIRA EP, End Of Time, freshly released by our friends at Volcom, grab it while you can! The 7" EP features two songs : 'End Of Time' and 'Bleeding', taken from the Possessed demo, released in 1997.

This record will ship off by itself, make sure you grab your copy now from the Listenable store!"

Listenable Records is offering fans a free 22-track sampler, which is now available for streaming and download at this location.

The album, which features tracks from many Listenable's dynamic and diverse roster of artists - past and present - includes the following tracklisting:

TORNADO - 'Hate Worldwide' (taken from the album Amsterdamn Hellsinki)

GOJIRA - 'Yama's Messengers' (taken from the album The Way of All Flesh)

STEPHAN FORTE - 'Duat' (taken from the album The Shadows Compendium)

SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA - 'The World Won't Hold Your Hand' (taken from the album The Corruption of Mercy)

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS - 'Martyrs' (taken from the album Breathe in Life)

KATANA - 'Phoenix On Fire' (taken from the album Heads Will Roll)

SVARTCROWN - 'Into A Demential Sea' (taken from the album Witnessing the Fall)

HATE - 'Lux Aeterna' (taken from the album Erebos)

HEAVENWOOD - 'Once A Burden' (taken from the album Abyss Masterpiece)

IZEGRIM - 'Deathstrip' (taken from the album Code of Consequences)

KRUGER - 'Villains' (taken from the album For Death, Glory and the End of the World)

PANZERCHRIST - 'Impact' (taken from the album Regiment Ragnarok)

TORMENTED - 'Come Back from the Dead' (taken from the album Rotten Death)

THE ORDER OF APOLLYON - 'Never' ( taken from the album The Flesh)

CAVUS - 'Death Rattle' (taken from the album Fester And Putrefy)

77 - 'High Decibels' (taken from the album High Decibels)

DARKANE - 'Convicted' (Live) (taken from the live CD/DVD Layers of Live)

LIVARKAHIL - 'The Flesh of All Damned' (taken from the album Signs of Decay)

ELECTRIC MARY - 'OIC' (taken from the album III)

THE RED SHORE - 'he Seeds of Annihilation' (taken from the album The Avarice of Man)

THE ORDER OF APOLLYON - 'Word' (taken from the album The Flesh)

SERPENT CULT - 'Growth of the Soil' (taken from the album Raised by Wolves)

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CANDLEMASS – “Astorolus – The Great Octopus” (Napalm)

CANDLEMASS – “Astorolus – The Great Octopus” (Napalm)

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GETAWAY VAN - "Lord I've Been Running"

GETAWAY VAN - "Lord I've Been Running"

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