GORGUTS - Obscura To See Vinyl Release In The Spring

December 29, 2011, 7 years ago

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Canadian label War on Music has announced the long overdue vinyl release of GORGUTS 1998 album Obscura. The groundbreaking record is highly regarded as an unrivalled masterpiece of the heavy metal genre. When it first was unleashed in 1998, Obscura was a drastic but not unexpected

departure from the earlier more traditional death metal Gorguts offerings. Technical, extreme, often odd and discordant but deeply compelling, Obscura was an album which appeared difficult at first but commanded repeated listens and unquestioned respect. Over an hour of relentless,

punishing, highly evolved compositions bearing no worthy comparison, but fitting in comfortably and confidently among the highest ranks of eastern Canadian metal such as VOIVOD, CRYPTOPSY and KATAKLYSM.

Never before on vinyl, the highly anticipated monstrous onslaught will be released as a Double Gatefold LP available early spring 2012. Watch for release details and pre-orders at Waronmusic.com.

Obscura tracklisting:

Side A


'Earthly Love'

'The Carnal State'


Side B

'The Art of Sombre Ecstasy'


Side C

'Subtle Body'

'Rapturous Grief'

'La Vie Est Prelude… (La Morte Orgasme)'

Side D


'Faceless Ones'

'Sweet Silence'

Gorguts recently reformed with a new line-up including genre heavyweights John Longstreth (drums; DIM MAK, ORIGIN, THE RED CHORD, SKINLESS, POSSESSION, ANGELCORPSE), Colin Marston (bass; DYSRHYTHMIA, BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS, BYLA, KRALLICE, INDRICOTHERE) and Kevin Hufnagel (guitar; DYSRHYTHMIA, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, BYLA, EUCLID STREET, THE FIFTH

SEASON, GREY DIVISION BLUE). They are currently putting the finishing touches on their upcoming record, which is expected sometime in early 2012.

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