Guitarist RANDY ELLEFSON To Re-Release Debut Album

June 9, 2014, 2 years ago

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Randy Ellefson will re-release his debut instrumental album, The Firebard, later this month. Most of the album has been re-performed, with Ellefson as the sole musician once again. Many performance and sonic improvements have taken place, including live drums replacing the drum machine, changes to instrumentation, some new guitar solos or phrases, and superior mixing and mastering. The new version otherwise stays true to the original.

Ellefson has learned a lot about producing and engineering an album in the last ten years, and wanted to make The Firebard more comparable to subsequent releases. The existing release will no longer be available by month’s end, so interested fans should pick up a copy now.

The Firebard will be available via on June 29th, the ten year anniversary of the original release.

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