Guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - "GUNS N' ROSES Is A Big Family, I Love Them And The Experiences And People It’s Brought To My Life, And Having Both Is Absolutely The Best Of Both Worlds"

February 1, 2013, 4 years ago

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Legendary Rock Interviews' John Parks has posted a new interview, conducted with GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal. An excerpt follows:

Q: You released eight albums prior to joining GN'R and were on a lot of musician and guitar freaks radar but lot of people know you first and foremost as a guitarist in GN'R and have discovered your past and current solo work via the band. Axl (Rose) seems to be very open to you continuing to work on your own creative ideas which is all most musicians dream of. Is that kind of opportunity like the best of both worlds as an artist?

A: "Each has something the other doesn’t. I love creating more than anything, and need to write, record, co-write, produce… with my solo music I get to do all that and express myself fully. GN'R is a big family, I love them and the experiences and people it’s brought to my life, and having both is absolutely the best of both worlds. I don’t ask either world to be something it isn’t, and accept both as they are, with openness that both will grow in whatever direction they’re meant to. And all is good!"

Q: I had read a great interview with you where you spoke about how there was a “settling in” period in GN'R and you really had to learn the material on the fly in rehearsals because you didn’t have an advance copy of Chinese Democracy. Were the other guys in the band pretty helpful to you during that period of adjustment and did you feel pretty free to be your own player and interpret the songs in your own style?

A: "In the beginning I was on my own. We toured for year, took a break, ‘Chi Dem’ was released, and soon after we were in the rehearsal room organizing our sounds and really digging into playing “together”. Through it all, nobody ever told anyone how to play, we all play the songs however it feels right to ourselves, and everyone’s cool with it. We were all brought into the band because of how we play and who we are, the last thing anybody wants to do is squash that."

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According to Guns N' Roses will be heading to Malaysia for the first time in March.

The show will take place on March 24th, at Sepang International Circuit. Earlier that day, the 2013 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix will take place at the circuit. It will take place right after the band’s previously announce tour of Australia.

The band’s updated tour schedule is now as follows:


9 - Perth Arena - Perth, Australia
12 - Allphones Arena - Sydney, Australia
13 - Hunter Stadium - Newcastle, Australia
17 - Sidney Myer Music Bowl - Melbourne, Australia
20 - Brisbane Entertainment Centre - Brisbane, Australia
24 - Sepang International Circuit - Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

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