HALESTORM Drummer On Grammy Award Nomination - "I Still Think We're Being Punk'd"

January 27, 2013, 4 years ago

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Pennsylvania rockers HALESTORM are featured in a new interview with FM99 Rock Girl Gina, conducted in Norfolk, VA on November 25th The NorVa. Check it out below:

The band recently checked in with the following anouncement:

"Since 'Love Bites (So Do I)' is up for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance at The Grammys, The Strange Case Of ... is available for just $5.99 on Amazon MP3 as part of Amazon's Grammy sale!"

This is a limited time offer. Use the Amazon widget at the bottom of the page to purchase.

The Strange Case Of… tracklisting is as follows:

‘Love Bites (So Do I)’

‘Mz. Hyde’

‘I Miss The Misery’

‘Freak Like Me’

‘Beautiful With You’

‘In Your Room’

‘Break In’

‘Rock Show’

‘Daughters Of Darkness’

‘You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing’

‘American Boys’

‘Here’s To Us’

Loudwire.com recently caught up with vocalist Lzzy Hale to discuss the Grammy nomination:

Hale: "It’s crazy, it means a lot considering the rock/metal performance category – it’s kind of like a personal victory for the four of us. The performance of our live shows, that’s what we love most. It’s really neat, we’re extremely humbled by it, we had no idea. In fact, I wasn’t even paying attention (laughs) to the nominees for the past couple years — that doesn’t happen to bands like us! I never expected it, but it’s really cool though — we actually found out in the middle of a show, so I got to announce it onstage and the crowd went crazy. I’m just so happy about it, it’s very cool. It’s just one of those things that you never expect to happen. You think about it when you’re a little kid: 'Oh it would be cool to get a Grammy,' and then it happens and you’re like 'Wow, who screwed up?' (laughs)"

Loudwire: Not many females have been nominated for hard rock and metal Grammys. Have you thought about the gender aspect and does it feel like you’re representing women in rock?

Hale: "Definitely, I’m also really honored to be the only chick in this category right now (laughs) — it’s really neat. I think just in the past year there have been so many girls that come to our shows who are basically saying, 'It gives me so much encouragement because you’re doing this and that means I can, too.' I’m happy to be holding that flag at the moment for all of the much more talented young girls that are going to be coming up behind me – it’s neat to be representin'."

Click here for more. For the complete list of Grammy nominees go to this location.

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