HELIX - An Open Letter From "Archie"

February 27, 2005, 14 years ago

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As previously reported, HELIX drummer Glen "Archie" Gamble has left the band to join the band POPJOY and has been replaced by Brian Doerner, who played on the very first Helix album, Breaking Loose (1979) and is former guitarist Brent Doerner's identical twin brother. Brian has also played with REFUGEE and LEE AARON. The following is an open letter from Gamble that is posted at Helix' official website:

"As most of you who are Helix fans know, I was the drummer for the band from late 1996 until recently and loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, it is time to move on. Starting in August of 2004, I began performing with a great new Canadian band called Popjoy - and have been with them ever since. I was initially going to try to do both bands, as Helix now tours less and is concentrating on bigger shows and bigger projects. But with Popjoy's schedule (over 200 shows a year) it just wasn't possible. With Brian's (Vollmer - frontman) encouragement, I've decided to give Popjoy a try. I hope all of you will come out and cheer on this great new band, and show them some love and support. Check ‘em out at www.popjoy.ca. As for the last eight years, they have been some of the happiest of my life. All members of Helix (past and present) have been great friends to me, but none more so than Brian Vollmer himself. The respect and admiration I have for this man is endless...he has taught me so much about rock and roll and the industry, that I never can thank him enough. Just to watch him tirelessly bang away every day after 30 years is an inspiration in itself. And not to mention, towards the end of my tenure with the band, I was the longest standing member (next to Brian himself). In this capacity, Brian shared a lot of the good times with me, and made me feel like I was truly part of the band. From asking me to co-host the Power Hour on Much Music with him, as well as many radio interviews etc. to entrusting me with road managing duties, his confidence in me made my own that much more strong. I'll never forget the good times we shared playing all over Canada and some of the highlights, like filming the live 30th. Anniversary DVD, recording the Rockin' In My Outerspace CD, opening for ALICE COOPER, VINCE NEIL, PETER FRAMPTON, BAD COMPANY, STEPPENWOLF

etc. Through it all, Brian made me feel like my opinion and decisions mattered. I hope to take to my new band the many valuable lessons he has taught me...

The best part of all this is that the members of both bands are friends, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll always consider myself an honorary member of the band, and Brian knows he can call on me anytime he needs me. (And in the Helix camp, Brian Doerner will continue rocking the drum throne hard, as he is one of Canada 's best drummers.) As for all the friends I've made through the band, you guys rock and I hope you will show my new band the love and friendship you have shown Helix over the years. See ya on the road!"

Upcoming Helix live dates are as follows:


19 - Hot Stix in London, Ontario


6 - Calgary, AB
7 - Airdrie Airdrie

8/9 - Grand Prairie, AB

10 - Cochrane
12 - Red Deer, AB
14 - Lethbridge, AB

15/16 - Edmonton, AB


11 - Sweden Rock Festival in Malmo, Sweden


29 - Manitoba Summerfest in Winnipeg, MB

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