HELIX - EMI Canada Pulls Classic 'Heavy Metal Love' Track From Trailer Park Boys Movie Soundtrack

September 3, 2006, 12 years ago

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HELIX mainman Brian Vollmer has posted the following update at the band's website:

"This week the song 'Heavy Metal Love' officially made the Trailer Park Boys movie soundtrack. Unfortunately, Dean Cameron, president of EMI Canada, decided to withhold the song from the movie soundtrack CD. He did this because the distribution of the soundtrack CD was being handled by Universal, not EMI. Even though EMI would have made money licensing the song to the movie people, Dean decided to make a point. Stupid. Sandbox politics at it’s best. The biggest losers here however are myself, Paul Hackman’s widow, and my former manager William Seip, as we would all have made money from the publishing generated by our song being on the CD, not to mention the exposure of the band which would have probably led to sales of Helix back catalogue which EMI owns. No wonder big record companies are going down the tubes when they do shit like this. And I think of all those years of loyalty to Capitol/EMI-not seeing our families, doing every interview they ever asked us to do, whatever… and this is how the company repays us. Pure bullshit. Thanks a lot Cameron.

The new CD: We’re going to begin mixing next week at EMAC studios here in London. We’ve already mixed The Past is Back to Kick Your Ass at Mole Studios with Rainer and this mix will be to compare; then we’ll decide where to go to do the remainder of the CD. We’re all excited at how the tracks are sounding and how easily the writing is flowing. Many who have heard the songs think it’s our best material since No Rest for the Wicked. That would be alright by me, as that is my favorite Helix CD.

We also have three new songs ready to record: 'The Tequilla Song', 'Living Life Large' and 'Nickels And Dimes'.

Western dates: It is now confirmed that we will be in Prince Albert at Kickers on Thursday, Sept. 28th, in Provost, Alberta on Friday Sept. 29th (with SWEENEY TODD and NICK GILDER), and Saturday at Casino Regina. (with Sweeney Todd and Nick Gilder). Bernie Aubin, our western Canadian agent, is trying to add Wednesday, September 26th into the mix as well. Stay tuned. Hope you all come out and catch the new line-up of the band. We’ll also be doing a couple of songs from the soon-to-be-released CD Get Up and shaking up the set with some songs we haven’t played for awhile like 'Good To The Last Drop', 'Does A Fool Ever Learn' and 'You Keep Me Rockin’'."

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