HELLOWEEN - "Crack The Riddle" Prize Winners In Sao Paulo

April 24, 2008, 12 years ago

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German power metallers HELLOWEEN check in with the following:

"Laure P., the winner of the "Crack The Riddle" main prize has made the trip of her life: She flew from Southern Europe to Latin America to meet her idols. She and her friend Rodolfo G., who she had invited to join her (both of them originally from Colombia but living in Madrid/Spain), travelled over to Sao Paulo/Brazil to meet their favourite band Helloween!

Laure and Rodolfo had to go through many difficulties such as delays, bad flight connections and changes in the flight plan, but finally they arrived safely in the band´s 5-star-hotel.

After they received their precious Access All Areas backstage passes and the keys to their hotel rooms, they attended the band everywhere: Eating in the backstage catering, watching the band´s soundcheck, watching them doing interviews, driving with them in their shuttle from the hotel to the show and so on. One of the absolute highlights of the day: Rodolfo - playing drums himself - was allowed to be the Helloween-drummer during the soundcheck and played the complete 'Dr. Stein' song together with the guys! In the evening Laure and Rodolfo have experienced the definite highlight of their trip:

Helloween live in Sao Paulo in front of more than 6.000 crazy Latin American fans! They had the best positions in the whole venue - they could watch the concert from the pit in front of the stage, from the mixing desk area or directly from the stage – this made it to an absolutely unforgettable experience! After the concert a big aftershow party was waiting in the band's dressing room and afterwards in the hotel lobby.

The next morning, of course after a nice breakfast, the ways of the winners and the band unfortunately were separated. Helloween had to fly on to the next concert in Porto Alegre. But the band has invited the winners again to be their guests during the band's next concert in Madrid. Full of impressions and emotions the winners had an easy trip back home and as a special bonus they were provided with a big box full of merchandise as a special gift from Helloween!

So watch out for the next benefit, surely there will be some further specials to win at The Kings Club, the official worldwide Helloween fanclub!!!"

Check out more photos here.

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