HELLOWEEN Frontman Andi Deris Working On Third Solo Album - "There’s No Speed Metal Stuff On It, But It’s Rather Heavy"

March 3, 2013, 4 years ago

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In a new interview with Anthony Morgan at Metal Forces Magazine, HELLOWEEN frontman Andi Deris revealed that he's currently working on his third solo album. An excerpt from the story is available below:

“I hope to be ready somewhere in May or June, and take it from there,” he reveals. “I will probably release it through JVC in Asia, and probably through Edel Music in the rest of the world. We just finished the drums. They sound great, but drums don’t make a record. I know that the ideas are very good. It’s much harder than you would expect from an Andi Deris solo album, but it’s not SLIPKNOT or something like that. It’s somewhere in between (laughs). I would describe it as hard rock meets metal or metal meets hard rock, any way you can turn and twist it (laughs). The truth is somewhere in the middle. It’s modern hard rock with metal influences.”

Other musical influences might be on the cards, perhaps. “This is something you have to ask me when it’s finished,” Andi cautions. “We’re still in the recording process, and there are probably lots of spices we will add or maybe some things that we’ll take away again. I would rather describe it as modern sounding but evergreen hard rock / metal though, so there are lots of catchy refrains and stuff like that, and lots of things to sing along to definitely. There’s no speed metal stuff on it, but it’s rather heavy.”

The resultant lyrics will be of a more personal nature. “Very personal,” the wordsmith underlines. “There’s a lot of bitching and a lot of aggression that I’ve built up during the last few years concerning politics and systems, but it’s all in great stories I think, and I think everybody will nod. There’s a lot of filthy mouth stuff on it which makes it fun to sing along to, but it’s very aggressive lyrically.”

The solo endeavour’s working title is Million-Dollar Haircuts On Ten-Cent Heads. “As the name suggests, it’s all about those idiots who actually just work without moral ethics and are just corrupt,” Andi complains. “They just work for their own pockets, and don’t ask about people down there who are actually suffering, and take away money which is obviously lacking down there. That’s probably the reason why we have more poorer people, and more richer people.”

Go to this location for the complete interview.

Helloween's new album, Straight Out Of Hell, achieved the following chart entries:

Japan - #2

Czech Republic - #4

Finland - #4

Germany - #4

Sweden - #6

Germany - #10

US - #97

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The official video for the first single is the six-minute opus for 'Nabataea' which develops on several levels, including 3-D animation at motion picture level. The legendary kingdom Nabataea provides the atmospherically dense reference for the strong first release from Helloween’s new album. Check it out below:

Helloween's live schedule can be found here.

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