HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS Featuring VINNY APPICE Release Thriving On Chaos Album; Guests Include DON AIREY, DANKO JONES, GLEN DROVER And Others

January 15, 2020, 7 months ago

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HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS Featuring VINNY APPICE Release Thriving On Chaos Album; Guests Include DON AIREY, DANKO JONES, GLEN DROVER And Others

Hollywood Monsters - Vinny Appice (drums), Steph Honde (vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass), Ronnie Robson (bass) - have released their third album, Thriving On Chaos.

The album was written and recorded over 14 months after French songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Steph Honde enlisted Canadian session and touring bassist Ronnie Robson as a partner for the new Hollywood Monsters project. During the recording process the Monsters once again invited various international recognized musicians to perform on this 12-track album, everyone involved collaborating via file sharing. Thriving On Chaos consists of nine original compositions and thee cover songs.

The album features the late Ted McKenna (Rory Gallagher, Michael Schenker Group) on drums for the song "Running Up Hill". Steph Honde approached Ted a few years back to record a demo for another song, which was recorded but never released. Another song was written around Ted's drum track and added to the album after Ted's unexpected death. This was done to pay tribute and respect to Ted's amazing talent and career.

Thriving On Chaos was produced by both Steph Honde and Ronnie Robson, Danko Jones was produced by Vic Florencia Toronto. The mixing and mastering was completed by Tommy Denander in Stockholm Sweden - who has worked with; Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck, Deep Purple, Rob Zombie, Paul Stanley, and Alice Cooper, just to name a few.

Glen Drover and Ronnie Robson had worked together previously on a few recording projects including; Sophia Radisch (Beautiful Sin), Hollentor (self titled debut album), and a cover of Pat Travers song "Untitled" (from the Radioactive album). When Ronnie heard the demo for "I'm The Best You Can Get", he knew Glen would fit perfectly for the lead guitar sections.  

Cover Songs:

The Monsters covers the great Canadian cult band Goddo's song "Drop Dead (That's Who)", from the Who Cares album that was released in 1981. Ronnie Robson has been friends with the members of the band for years and noticed when this song was played live, the crowd would reacted ecstatically. It was decided to cover this song and have Greg Godovitz (Goddo and Fludd), perform a duet with Steph Honde. Ronnie stated, "Greg Godovitz's vocal track was done in one take."

Steph Honde created a demo for Thin Lizzy's "Cold Sweat", and it was decided to cover this song with Ronnie on bass and Vinny Appice on drums. Steph knew that Danko Jones was a huge fan of Thin Lizzy and contacted Danko who worked with the Hollywood Monsters on a few projects in the past. Ronnie met up with Danko in a downtown Toronto studio to record the various vocal tracks.

One of the first songs Steph Honde, Ronnie Robson and Vinny Appice recorded together was "I Don't Need No Doctor", in the Humble Pie tradition. Steph brought in New York State vocalist Jim Crean to do backup vocals for the song. Steph, and Ronnie have recently worked on a recent release for Jim Crean (two album release), also with an amazing lineup.

Steph Honde, Jim Crean and Ronnie Robson have also done a cover of Deep Purples "Sail Away", which will be released as a single at a later date. The rendition of this song has piano, guitar, vocals and bass, at a medium tempo, and very much different from the original.


"A Scream Looking For A Mouth"
"Speak Of The Devil"
"Something Wicked"
"Running Up Hill"
"In This House"
"I Dont Need A Doctor"
"Drop Dead (That's Who)"
"Thriving On Chaos"
"Fortune Teller"
"Cold Sweat"
"I'm The Best You Can Get" (Bonus Track)

Guest musicians:

Don Airey - hammond solo "Scream Looking For A Mouth"
Ted McKenna - drums on "Running Up Hill" (rest in peace)
Jim Crean - backing vocals on "I Don't Need No Doctor"
Tommy Denander - lead guitar on "Drop Dead (That's Who)"
Greg Godovitz - vocals on "Drop Dead (That's Who)"
Fred Mika - drums on "Fortune Teller"
Danko Jones - vocals on "Cold Sweat"
Glen Drover - lead guitar on "I'm The Best You Can Get"
Alexis Von Kraven - drums on "I'm The Best You Can Get"

Hollywood Monsters will be touring around the globe in 2020, with an all-star lineup (with special guests along the way).

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