HOLMES AND SLICE Release Full Song Preview

November 23, 2012, 4 years ago

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HOLMES AND SLICE have released a full preview of the song 'Clinch' from their upcoming album, The Adventure Begins. Recorded in Tampa, Florida, Poland and Italy, the album includes 12 tracks of neo-classical shred metal infused with elements of rock and blues. Listen now:

Led by guitarist Rick Renstrom (WAR OF THRONES, LEASH LAW) and bassist Rich Marks (War of Thrones), along with keyboardist Mistheria (BRUCE DICKINSON) and drummer Atma Anur (MACALPINE, JOURNEY), the band has created a sound that not only pays tribute to the past, but also brings the genre into the modern age with style and flair.

The band came up with the concept of being Shred Metal Super Heroes and teamed up with comic book artist Sandra Lanz to transform the band into their alter egos. A full length comic book and live action webisode is currently in production to bring these characters to life. An early preview can be seen below:

The Adventure Begins is slated to release early summer 2013 with physical and digital versions, along with plans for touring in the fall.

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