IHSAHN Comments On First Ever Solo Gig

March 17, 2009, 8 years ago

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Vocalist/guitarist IHSAHN (ex-EMPEROR) - who performed his first ever gig as a solo artist, supporting OPETH at Rockefeller in Oslo on Tuesday night, March 10th commented with the following regarding the long overdue performance:

"I felt well prepared for the show, and luckily all technical aspects worked out to our advantage, so that the overall experience for me and my band was extremely positive. The feedback from the audience was amazing, and many thought that the songs gained an extra dimension by being performed in a live setting. We are all now looking forward to play Oslo Live, in front of Akershus Festning, 3rd of July."

Ihsahn's setlist was as follows: 'Invocation', 'Called By The Fire', 'Scarab', 'Emancipation', 'Unhealer', 'Misanthrope', 'Thus Spake The Nightspirit'.

As previously reported, Ihsahn was scheduled to support Opeth for the majority of shows on their forthcoming Norwegian tour, but due to "technical and practical difficulties at many of the smaller venues, and it has proven near impossible to run the necessary production."

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