IMMORTAL Rehearsing Songs For New Studio Album

June 6, 2007, 12 years ago

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IMMORTAL guitarist Demonaz spoke to Andreas Aubert from Terror the day after their gig at this year’s Inferno Festival (April 6th). They discussed the driving forces behind Immortal, writing the lyrics and Demonaz’ role in the band. It was the band’s first performance in almost four years. There were some technical problems, which according to Demonaz were due to the guitar technician not doing his job properly, but apart from that it was a good concert. Demonaz agrees:

Demonaz: “It was a classical concert. I got the feeling that we are back with the right line-up and it was a good atmosphere, people were ready for it. It was a good concert despite some technical difficulties.” It will be seven concerts this year?

Demonaz: “Yes. (check out to see all the concerts. At the time of writing the number has been increased to 8 - AA)” After that, what’s next?

Demonaz: “Studio album. Abbath (vocals/bass/guitar) and I are working with the material. Abbath has also started to rehearse the songs with Horgh (drums).” Appolyon (bass), is he stand-in?

Demonaz: “No, he is a full-worthy member of the band. A new studio album will be the next thing after these concerts.” Are you the philosopher in the band? You write all the lyrics…

Demonaz: “Abbath and me started Immortal, and we are the platform in the band. We found a very good drummer in Horgh after the three first albums. He is part of the brotherhood and we could not do without him. I write all the lyrics, and I have been part of this all of the time even though I do not play live (anymore). It has to do with spirit; Immortal is more than a band. It is everything for us.” It is said that the whole is more than the sum of the different parts. Is this the case with Immortal? Demonaz confirms.

Demonaz: “For Abbath and me the most important element is to have the spirit, in order to do Immortal. We have it. We could not have come back if the spirit was not there. The most important for us is the feeling. We are not doing this for others, we do it for ourselves. Of course we do it for the fans as well, but the spirit is the driving force.”

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