IMPALED NAZARENE's Nihil Album Officially Banned In Germany; More Reissue Details Revealed

February 15, 2007, 13 years ago

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Finnish extreme black metallers IMPALED NAZARENE have issued the following update:

"Hail Satan,

Our album Nihil (1999) has officially entered Germany's Index list A on January 17th. This means that Nihil is officially BANNED in Germany.

Looking back on 2006 and 2005, being unable to play concerts in Italy, Austria, France, Poland and Germany, one can only conclude that Freedom Of Speech and Freedom Of Religion, things that are supposed to be the foundation of the European Union, are not existing. Your lives are terrorized by deranged catholic sects and glue sniffing communists. Braindead imbeciles tell you what you should/what you cannot listen to, read or watch. Happy fucking middle ages part 666 and fuck off.

We have finally been in Sonic Pump studio with Tapio Pennanen to take care of TCNNN (Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz, 1992) and U-K (Ugra-Karma, 1993) double 10" EP bonus tracks. All the shit you find on them has been taken from original soundboard tapes, been cleaned and mastered and are as follows:

Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz extra tracks:

Side C: 'Intro: Salve Satanas', 'Condemned To Hell', 'The Crucified', 'The Black Vomit' (Sarcofago cover), 'Morbid Fate'. (All tracks recorded at Oulu, Finland 1991).

Side D: 'In The Name Of Satan', 'Crucifixation' (Deicide cover), 'Damnation (Raping The Angels)', 'In The Name Of Satan', 'I Al Purg Vonpo', 'My Blessing (The Beginning Of The End)', 'Conned Thru Life (E.N.T. cover). (Tracks 1-3 recorded at Oulu, Finland 1991, Tracks 4-7 recorded at Hamburg, Germany 1994).

Ugra-Karma extra tracks:

Side C: 'The Crucified', 'Chaosgoat Law', 'Condemned To Hell', 'Ghost Riders' (Stan Jones cover), 'Sadogoat', 'Mortification/Blood Red Razor Blade'. (Track 1 recorded at Riihimäki, Finland 1992 ,Tracks 2 & 3 recorded at Maasmechelen, Belgium 1994, Tracks 4-6 recorded at Madrid, Spain 1995).

Side D: 'The Horny And The Horned', 'Blood Is Thicker Than Water', 'Quasb/The Burning', 'Let's Fucking Die', 'The Oath Of The Goat'. (Track 1 recorded at Madrid, Spain 1995, Tracks 2-5 recorded at Essen, Germany 1995).

We will inform you street dates once we know them. Both double-vinyls will be limited to 300 copies and will be released by Osmose Productions."

Further details on Impaled Nazarene's upcoming reissues can be found in a previous post at this location.

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