INFEST Announce New Album Cold Blood War; Streaming Track ‘Destroyer Of Their Throne’

February 26, 2014, 6 years ago

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Serbian death/thrash maniacs INFEST have just finished the recordings for their fourth album Cold Blood War which is ready to be released on April 1st through Xtreem Music.

Cold Blood War tracklisting:


‘Destroyer Of Their Throne’

‘Of Everlasting Hate’

‘Kill Their Weakness’

‘Among The Fallen Ones’

‘Demonic Wrath’

‘Nuclear Warlust’

‘Cold Blood War’

‘Terror Lord’

‘Neka Vatre Gore’ (bonus)

A video-clip of the song ‘Of Everlasting Hate’ is being filmed shortly and the band is finishing the booking of their upcoming European tour during the second half of May, presenting their brand new album of what's going to be a total death/thrash onslaught full of blood and violence.

'Destroyer Of Their Throne':

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