JOURNEY’s Neal Schon – “The Live Show Is Absolutely Kicking Ass, And We’re Selling Out Everywhere”

August 25, 2011, 7 years ago

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Attention Deficit Delirium recently conducted an interview with JOURNEY guitarist Neal Schon. In the interview Schon talks Journey’s new album, Eclipse, his new solo albums, coping with tinnitus, and dream jams. Excerpts from the interview are below:

On Eclipse: "We’re still coming with singles right now. This record is far from being done, and I think it’s going to have long legs. Whether or not it charted as high or moved as many units, there are other things that go along with that. Like the fact that we had the story of Arnel coming from the Philippines, and everybody was so interested in that. Now that’s not brand new news anymore, so it’s going to take more to get the music out there. The live show is absolutely kicking ass, and we’re selling out everywhere."

On his new solo albums: "I had [former Journey drummer] Steve Smith come in and knocked out a solo record with him. Jan Hammer guests on it with me. He never plays on anybody’s record, and he burns some amazing keyboards again. The thing is on fire, man. As a solo record, this one is rocking and doesn’t sound like a Satch record or a Vai record or an Eric Johnson record. It definitely sounds like me, but on fire. Then I did another record after that was a completely different concept. The first is instrumental, and the second is a power trio I did with my drummer Dean Castronovo and Marco Mendoza on bass. All three of us are singing on it. It’s a very late ’60s, early ’70s, psychedelic rockin’ type extravaganza."

On dealing with tinnitus: "My ears have stabilized because I use the same type of protection all the time. I ride motorcycles, and they’re loud. I’ve probably done more damage on a motorcycle then I have playing loud music over the years, so I always wear really good ear plugs. They’re bad but staying in the same place and not getting any worse."

On dream jams: "I’ve always admired and loved John McLaughlin. I’d love to play with him sometime, even though it’s frightening [to contemplate]. I love playing with Carlos [Santana], even though I did a long time ago. He and I have become closer friends, and if we did some sort of reunion down the line it would be really cool because our heads are in the right space now. [Eric] Clapton is another one that I never got to quite finish anything with. I was asked to join and do the DEREK AND THE DOMINOES thing with him [around the time of joining Santana]. I would love to do that, even just one or two songs. I love to play with Jeff [Beck]."

Read the entire interview here.

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