JUDAS PRIEST - 'The Hellion/Electric Eye' Now Available On Jammit

December 9, 2013, 3 years ago

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Fans can now jam with JUDAS PRIEST. Get the isolated tracks for 'The Hellion/Electric Eye' from Screaming For Vengeance with scrolling tab and notation via Jammit.

Jammit allows you to isolate an instrument that would be otherwise embedded in the mix and view the ultra-accurate notation all in one easy to use piece of software. Whether you play guitar, bass, drums or sing vocals, you'll be able to hear nuances in your favorite Priest songs that you've never heard before. Slow down and looping features make it even easier to learn to play the parts precisely the way they were originally recorded.

Radio.com recently uploaded an interview with Judas Priest singer ROB HALFORD. In the interview, he talks about the band’s future, 2WO (the project with NINE INCH NAILS' Trent Reznor) and THREE TREMORS.

“As Andy Warhol said, the most exciting part of any event is the anticipation and waiting for it,” he says, discussing Judas Priest‘s next album. “We’re making a new record,” Halford continues, “which we can’t talk about because we’ve been verboten by the label and management.”

One other project that has been on the back-burner is the infamous Three Tremors group: a trio featuring IRON MAIDEN’s singer Bruce Dickinson and former QUEENSRŸCHE frontman Geoff Tate.

“That’s still waiting to get off the ground. Even now, people are discussing it. it’s one of those things that needs to be fulfilled, I don’t know how it’s gonna happen or when it’s gonna happen but it would be very interesting to see what the outcome would be.” For now, the next project from Halford is the new Judas Priest album. As for the Three Tremors, metal fans can now enjoy the anticipation for a full-length Halford/Dickinson/Tate album.

For more on the discussion visit this location and check out video below:

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