KROKMITËN - New Album Title Confirmed

December 30, 2012, 4 years ago

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Only a year after releasing their first album Alpha-Beta, Montréal’s experimental death metallers KROKMITËN officially announced today the title of their second upcoming album.

“Our next album will be titled Omicron-Omega," states singer Simlev. "It’s gonna be another concept album with only a single epic track. It’s not really Alpha-Beta Part II, but it loosely follows where Alpha-Beta left-off, kind of... We’re working heavily on it now, jamming parts of it, building the album structure and making demos. I’ve got a lot of lyrics already written and more to come. Up to now, we already have a solid 30 minutes demoed and it’s brutal! Once we’re satisfied with the demo’s structure, we’ll record everything properly and start mixing it, probably this winter.”

Adds guitarist Dubg: “We don’t know the final album’s length yet, but it’s gonna be at least 46 minutes long! It’s still difficult at this point to say exactly when we’ll release it, but we hope to release it during summer 2013. We’ve tested out some new gear and recording techniques on “BWV565 Redux”, that will ensure that the next album sounds massive and killer! Without any label up our asses, we have the luxury to say that it will be out when we feel it’s ready! We’ll keep you updated as we progress.”

Krokmitën is an experimental death metal band from Montréal founded in 1991. After two demos and years of local gigs, they took a lengthy hiatus in 1995 to concentrate on their respective careers. In 2005, they regrouped to work on this ambitious critically-acclaimed multimedia project Alpha-Beta; a 46-minute track accompanied by a full-length animated video synced to the music with lyrics on screen. Three months ago Krokmitën released BWV565 Redux; their take on JS BACH classical piece Toccata & Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565. Everything can be downloaded for free on Krokmitën’s website

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