LIVING COLOUR On New Album - "We're Re-Thinking Blues And Its Relationship To Metal"

July 9, 2012, 7 years ago

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LIVING COLOUR is "definitely working towards making another record this year" to follow up 2009's The Chair In The Doorway, according to guitarist Vernon Reid. And the quartet already has an idea what its "next statement" is going to be.

"We're re-thinking blues and its relationship to metal," Reid tells, explaining that the inspiration came from playing a Robert Johnson centennial celebration concert during April at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. "It was a really electric moment. It was a special moment, and Corey (Glover; frontman) just killed it. I'm still thinking about that and where it all fits into what we do."

It helps, Reid adds, that "as a society, we are in a very blue moment, so that's music that speaks to where we are as a people now. And in spite of our gadgets, the blues will always be with us. The blues is kind of like The Force in 'Star Wars,' kind of like 'may the blues be with you.' It's an emergent idea, but it's pretty exciting. There's a really good feeling about what we're gonna do next." But, he adds, "it's not going to be a retro thing. We play loud. There's an energy there. We'll stay true to that but then incorporate that (blues) feeling into it."


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