LOST SOCIETY - 'Trash All Over You' Single Available To Stream / Download

January 21, 2013, 4 years ago

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Finland's LOST SOCIETY crafted their new album with famous producer Nino Laurenne (AMORPHIS, ENSIFERUM, LORDI) in the prestigious Sonic Pump Studios (FINNTROLL, SONATA ARCTICA, OMNIUM GATHERUM). Entitled Fast Loud Death, the album will be released via Nuclear Blast on March 15th.

The album’s first single, 'Trash All Over You' - a song that perfectly captures what Lost Society are all about: speed, toughness – and huge fun - is available to stream and download below.

Band leader Samy Elbanna comments: “Many people have asked us why we misspelled the song title – we always give the same answer: It’s not about the thrash genre, but depicts how the whole world is collapsing on you. All the problems in the world seem to pile up and you get trashed all over. The song carries the feeling of being mad at everything and everyone at the same time – it’s something we all can relate to.”

The cover artwork for Fast Loud Death was designed by Ed Repka (MEGADETH, DEATH, SANCTUARY, VENOM), who has once again created a true masterpiece that perfectly suits the band’s music, as band leader Samy states: “When we heard that the one and only Ed Repka would be responsible for the album art, we were thrilled, as he created some of the most killer album covers of all times! The result looks absolutely amazing and truly captures the album’s theme - a bus full of crazy people who blew it up big time!”

Ed Repka himself comments: "This was a lot of work but a fun project, since both the band and the label were great to work with and very receptive to my input. Lost Society’s comical concept of their tour bus leaving a town destroyed was cool, but to make it even more crazy, I added the pop-culture "monster in car" aspect, giving the whole image a distinct, aggressive presence. Another tongue-in-cheek metal masterpiece is born!"

Fast Loud Death will be available as a limited digipak, deluxe digital download via iTunes and black vinyl in gatefold, all of them include two bonus tracks. Moreover, a limited digipak plus t-shirt bundle as well as a limited blue-transparent 2LP in gatefold will be exclusively available via the Nuclear Blast mail order. Pre-order your copy now at this location.



'Trash All Over You'


'KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)'

'Bitch, Out’ My Way'

'Fast Loud Death'

'Lead Through The Head'

'Diary Of A Thrashman'

'Toxic Avenger'

'This Is Me'

'Braindead Metalhead'

'Piss Out My Ass'

'Fatal Anoxia'

Bonus tracks:

'Escape From Delirium'

'I Stole Your Love' (KISS cover song)

Lost Society are:

Samy Elbanna – vocals and guitar

Arttu Lesonen – guitar

Mirko Lehtinen – bass

Ossi Paananen – drums

More information about Lost Society can be found on Facebook.

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