MACHINE HEAD's Robb Flynn - “I'm Off Booze, Cigarettes, Post-Surgery Pain Pills And Other Bad Habits... Again”

January 22, 2013, 4 years ago

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MACHINE HEAD guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn has posted a new entry in his ongoing diary series, titled The General Journals: Diary Of A Frontman... and Other Ramblings - Where Do We Go Now...? An excerpt follows:

"I'm on day 8 of my fifth Master Cleanse, and just like when I started doing these Master Cleanses back in January of 2010, I'm "back on The Wagon... again"... (sung to the tune of "I'm baaaaack in the saddle aga-a-ain"). Meaning, I'm off booze, cigarettes, post-surgery pain pills and other bad habits... again. While I'm not sure how long my stint of sobriety will last, it will at least until I have my head back in check.

I did the full 10 day Master Cleanse back in May 2011 during the recording of Unto The Locust, I sang most of the vocal tracks and played a lot of the guitar tracks while on The Cleanse. It was great, put me in a good headspace. I only managed a disappointing three days last year, but I wasn't sober. As part of my rehab, I've booked some small acoustic shows at clubs and bars along the way down to LA for NAMM. Just me and my tech Scott driving all over California in my 4-Runner, trying to... I dunno... trying to get lost, I guess. Half cover songs, half MH tunes, all done acoustic, no setlist, making it up as I go. I played last night in Hollywood and it was really, really cool. Had a blast, told stories, laughed, it got pretty heavy at times, hung with some great people, it was therapeutic as fuck.

I need to do this. I need to challenge myself, I need to go out there and play some shows, get out of my comfort zone and shake myself up, be alone, on my own. I'm not happy right now, I need to figure this shit out, I need it find that fire again, inspiration, or, I don't know even what I'm searching for, something, and I feel like this might help me find a part of it. It's the most excited I've been about something in a long while."

Read the full entry at this location.

In anticipation of his upcoming acoustic performance on Friday, January 25th at NAMM, MACHINE HEAD guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn has decided to book four more acoustic shows at various bars and intimate clubs in the greater Orange County/Los Angeles area.

Robb will be performing a mix of cover songs and re-interpreted Machine Head songs on the following dates:


21 - TBA
23 - Mission Tobacco Lounge - Riverside, CA
24 - TBA
26 - The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen - Fullerton, CA

More details to come.

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