MASSACRE - Still Auditioning Guitarists, Members Of CRADLE OF FILTH And DIMMU BORGIR Considering Bassist And Drummer Positions

February 28, 2009, 11 years ago

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Tampa, Florida-based death metal legends MASSACRE have issued the following update:

"Well it seems that both the drummer and bassist positions may have now been secured for the 'new' Massacre line-up.

Kam Lee has spoken to both bassist Dave Pybus (CRADLE OF FILTH) and to drummer Tony Lauren (NILE / DIMMU BORGIR) and both have shown a great interest and desire to join with Kam and Massacre to bring forth the new album in 2010. Kam is very pleased and excited to have these two fantastic musicians and great fans of Massacre interested in helping make a 'new' Massacre album a reality.

And also - it seems that Mirai (SIGH / NECROPHAGIA) has agreed to help out by creating and playing some very eerie keyboard intros and outros for the album as well. His fantasic musical skills and insight is both an overwhelming welcomed thrill and very exciting addition as well.

However - the guitarist positions are still being held open for auditions!

As of now - several guitarist have already sent in several audition songs and riffs, while others are still being waited on for their submissions. Kam is trying to be both fair and to be very selective with who he shall pick to fill the position of guitarist! As Kam feels this is both a very important - as well as a very crucial decision to make. And is not a position to take lightly...

The person chosen as guitarist must be able to bring to Massacre the same kind of style, playing ability, and overall "feeling" as shown on the "From Beyond" album, but also must be able to adapt to playing and writing in a modern format. Being able to bring the old school style and sound, but also being skilled enough to adapt to bringing a modern approuch to the music as well.

NO RUSH DECISIONS will be made in choosing the gutarist.

All submissions will be taken into consideration - and shall be seriously reviewed for the position."

Contact the band at this location.

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