MEGADETH Drummer Shawn Drover - "Album Sales Are Way Down For The Entire Music Industry Right Across The Board, Which Is A Real Drag"

June 16, 2013, 4 years ago

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MEGADETH drummer Shawn Drover is featured in a new interview with discussing the band's new album, Super Collider. An excerpt from the chat is available below:

Q: What kinds of reactions have you read regarding the album? From what I’ve read, reactions are mixed…is that often the case?

Drover: "Sure, it is always the case, as different people like different types of metal and music in general. You can’t always please everybody, so we try to focus on making the best music we can."

Q: The new album has a slight shift in style making it perhaps more similar to Youthanasia. Was this planned or just how things came out?

Drover: "Not at all, no. We never go into the studio to try to make a record that sounds like something we have done in the past. Sometimes you will hear some people say that some song sounds like something from a certain record we have done, but it is never intentional at all."

Q: According to sales figures, Super Collider sold below Th1rt3en for week one…do you attribute that to changing times, illegal downloading, etc?

Drover: "Of course it is! We are certainly thrilled to have a #6 record on Billboard in America and #4 in Canada, but sales are way down for the entire music industry right across the board, which is a real drag. Internet piracy, torrent sites and all that are the reason why. Concert attendance for us is still great around the world, so we are definitely happy about that."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

Megadeth landed at #6 on the Billboard 200 chart with Super Collider (Tradecraft/UME), selling 29,000 copies in the US in it's first week of release. In Canada, Super Collider lands at #4.

Super Collider was recorded at the band's Vic's Garage Studio in San Marcos, California and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in New York. The album is available as a limited edition CD with 3-D cover and bonus tracks, regular CD, regular LP, limited LP plus 7" vinyl and digital download.

Super Collider features the following 11 songs:


'Super Collider'


'Built For War'

'Off The Edge'

'Dance In The Rain'

'Beginning Of Sorrow'

'The Blackest Crow'

'Forget To Remember'

'Don't Turn Your Back…'

'Cold Sweat'

The title track, 'Kingmaker', 'Built For War' and 'The Blackest Crow' can be heard below:

'Super Collider':


'Built For War:

this location

'The Blackest Crow':

this location.

To read scribe Mark Gromen's review of Super Collider, click here.

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