MEGADETH - Video Of Bassist David Ellefson's Hometown Meet & Greet Online

December 24, 2013, 7 months ago

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MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson returned to his hometown of Jackson, Minnesota on November 20th for a special meet & greet with the fans. Video is available below: Ellefson is featured in an interview with Classic Rock Revisited discussing his new book, My Life With Deth. An excerpt is available below: Jeb: Some people can’t get over the fact that the bass player for Megadeth is a Christian guy who does not drink or smoke. Are you far enough removed from all of this that you can see the irony? David: "Of course, the truth is I’ve been raised in a Christian household from the beginning. I was baptized at one month old and I’ve been in the fold since then, even though I don’t exactly remember the ceremony." Jeb: All kidding aside, you have an amazing tale. And I, for one, appreciate that you had the balls to speak the truth about your addiction and your spirituality. David: "When I was asked to write the book, I had to be honest about what my life really is like and get behind the walls of what it is perceived to be like. Otherwise, someone else could have just written a biography of my life. When the story comes by your own hand, a certain type of journey lays itself out on the pages before you. So, that is what my book really is…the real story of my life, rather than just another tale of my life.
Jeb: When did you know you had to do this in book form and did you have any apprehension knowing that many people might freak out a bit? David: "Sure, I was apprehensive about putting a lot of stuff in it because I have teenage kids, as well as many friends and family not in the music business, those who would not appreciate the tales of decadence and debauchery. So, once I told my story to Joel [McIver] and looked at it on paper, there were certain things that became clearer as to what should be told, and what should be left out. I was not going to write this gruesome ‘tell all’ just to make a buck." Go to this location for the complete interview. Ellefson's new autobiography, My Life With Deth, was released on October 29th via Howard Books - Simon & Schuster. Ellefson's memoir chronicles the story of his fall into addiction during Megadeth's early years, followed by his subsequent recovery and the return to faith which championed the band's rise to fame over the past several decades. The book was written with Joel McIver, the bestselling author of 21 books on rock music, and features a foreword by shock rock legend ALICE COOPER.
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