METALLICA Fans Camp Outside The Venue Two Days Before The Concert In Lima

January 18, 2010, 10 years ago

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Isabel Guerra is reporting:

Dozens of METALLICA fans have spent the night camping outside University of San Marcos Stadium, to make sure they will have a good place near the stage during tomorrow's concert of Metallica, their idols.

Despite there's still more than 24 hours to the concert, a growing number of fans are gathering near the stadium Venezuela Avenue gates, with their tents and sleeping bags.

Meanwhile, the university authorities have announced that all activities for tomorrow have been suspended, in order to make easier everything related to the concert.

Coqui Fernandes, the entrepreuner who brings Metallica to Lima, said during the weekend that the stadium gates will be opened tomorrow towards noon.

Check out a video report at this location.

Metallica's performance in Lima - with newly announced support from local band NECROPSYA - could be the biggest in Peruvian history with close to 50,000 people attending.

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