METALLICA's James Hetfield On Recreating Sound Of Master Of Puppets For New Album - "Let's Not Do That Shall We"

March 6, 2013, a year ago

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Triple M's Higgo caught up with METALLICA's James Hetfield at Australia's Soundwave recently to chat about their upcoming 3D movie and new album plans. "Yeah, we're trying to write new material but gigs keep popping up that are too exciting to stay home for," said Hetfield. "We have lots of material we've been working on from the day Death Magnetic ended all the way up until now. There's tonnes of material. Some stick with me because the theme keeps coming back. Out of 700 riffs there's at least three I've played 20 times."
Triple M: What are the riffs sounding like? Is it more 'old-school' or is it St. Anger kind of stuff? Hetfield: "I don't know where it's going yet but we've got lots of different sounds, different styles," he said. "We're certainly not afraid of jumping into past 'feels'. After Death Magnetic we've stopped running hard and started embracing some of our past. Master Of Puppets was kind of a core reference for Death Magnetic." Triple M: How does Hetfield respond to fans who want Metallica to make an album that sounds like their old stuff like Master Of Puppets? "Let's not do that shall we," he laughs. "It's a catch-22 because I completely understand what people want. It's like they're asking you to recreate a memory in their past and you cannot do that. It's a moment of time. We're one of those bands that doesn't really care what people want." Read more and check out audio of the chat at Triple M.
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