MOTÖRHEAD’s 20 Most Earthquaking Aftershocks: #4

October 25, 2013, 3 years ago

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By Martin Popoff and "Metal" Tim Henderson

In celebration of MOTÖRHEAD’s cannonating new slab Aftershock, BraveWords has decided to serve up a primer and reminder as to the 20 most shocking events in the life of Lem and Co! Conflate them, debate them... we’re presenting them in countdown form, until the day the quake reaches you! So read on and soak in all the gruesome glory and historical heavy metal!

#4 - On the cusp of greater fame, "Fast" Eddie Clarke (real name Edward Allan Clarke) leaves the band in 1982, obviously an integral member, being the guitarist in a band that is a power trio. Arguably Clarke was the riff-master on the band's most celebrated studio works from their debut to Iron Fist. The final straw is a tossed-off collaboration with the PLASMATICS, which Clarke figured undermined the seriousness of the band. Eddie’s dissatisfaction with the (drifted) Iron Fist album doesn’t help either. But he quickly went onto greater commercial heights (albeit briefly) with FASTWAY, uniting with former HUMBLE PIE skin-pounder Jerry Shirley and the unknown screamer Dave King. The self-titled debut was a monster, peaking on the Billboard charts at #31 (August 1983), something Motörhead failed to do during his tenure. All Fired Up followed, but by the time the dreadful Waiting For The Roar appeared in 1985 (although it was recorded at Abbey Road Studios), Clarke no doubt missed Lemmy and co.!

Motörhead’s 20 Most Earthquaking Aftershocks

#20 - Motörhead's "dirty, biker-mad, speed-freaked" debut album.

#19 - No Sleep 'til you own this album!

#18 - HAWKWIND Gives Lemmy the boot and Motörhead is born.

#17 - 'Metal On Metal' meets Motörhead?

#16 - Die you bastards!

#15 - Lessons in labels.

#14 - Lemmy goes rockabilly!

#13 - Don't' live next door to Motörhead!

#12 - Robbo's fashion sense.

#11 - Lemmy leaves England!

#10 - Würzel's wrath!

#9 - Motörhead goes commercial!

#8 - It is a Perfect Day!

#7 - Just call me 'Snaggletooth'!

#6 - Heaviest album of the '70s is?

#5 - Bye-bye "Philthy", we'll miss ya!

#4 - "Fast" Eddie takes the FASTWAY out!

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