MYPROOF Added To Japan's Soundgarden 13 Festival

February 21, 2013, 4 years ago

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Japan's MYPROOF have been added to the Soundgarden 13 Festival, taking place in Tokyo at Shibuya Aube on June 15th. Go to this location for event details.


2 - Freeway Jam - Fukushima, Japan
17 - Kichijoji Crescendo - Tokyo, Japan
30 - Shibuya Cyclone - Tokyo, Japan


5 - Club Grindhouse - Tokushima Shi, Japan
6 - Takamatsu Rizin' - Kagawa, Japan


15 - Soundgarden 13 - Tokyo, Japan

The tracklist for Myproof's new album, Metal For Silent Fury, is as follows:

'Silent Fury'


'Soldiers in Dead City'

'The Guidance'

'Lost Destination'

'Fly me to the End'

'Limited Reality'

'Pop Off'

'Sepia Wind'

'Tokyo City Lights'

'Lightning Storm'

For information and updates on the band go to their official Facebook page here.

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