October 25, 2003, 15 years ago

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MÖTLEY CRÜE/BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following update at

"You would think after all these years I wouldn't get so excited about getting a new album in my sweaty little hands, but I'm sitting here looking at the Brides Of Destruction album, which is called Here Come The Brides, and sitting next to it is the European and Japanese special package for Motley Crue, called Loud As Fuck. They both hit the street in November as well as a CRÜE DVD greatest hits and the first 1/3 of our boxset (Music To Crash Your Car To). It's broken up into three packages, mostly to keep the price right. Every time I wanna buy a boxset, it just seems too expensive. This way you can get them one volume at a time. Or just get the one or two you really want. All I can say is, they look and sound in-fucking-sane.

Mick Mars is living at my house while construction is going on at his home. That's been a blast. He keeps my kids in stitches. Lots of guitar riffs and talk of doing it one more time. We were talking about how doing a few songs for the soundtrack to the movie would be a fucking blast. And just going straight-up metal. Don't even think about radio, just old-school Crue. Sounds good to me. You?

There's a huge layout in Burrn!! mag coming on Crue and Brides next month. And the month after that, Tommy and Vince. Great photos of the Brides that we did with John Harrol. There are Brides tour offers coming in for Japan and Europe. The Brides American deal is finished, so we will start ramping up what we wanna do for America. I do know the album will come out early next year. Crue press is getting set up. Holy fuck. Went an jammed a few tunes with Vince the other night in Hollywood. We had of lots of fun. I forgot how good it feels to play those songs. He also came up to L.A. a few weeks ago and we hung out all day. As for the assholes who put Vinnie down, don't fuck with us. We're allowed to fight and dog each other. That's what brothers do. But anybody else, you can fuck off. What else can i say?… I'm in a creative hotspot right now. I created a lot of cool stuff and it's nice to see it coming together. More to come."

In other news, The Heroin Diaries is now available for pre-order at Amazon ( The book is Sixx’ autobiography documenting his life from '86 to '87 and includes his memories of his near fatal overdose.

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