PAGAN Get Post-Apocalyptic On New Album

September 12, 2013, 4 years ago

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As PAGAN put the finishing touches on their third full length studio album, The End Is Here, more details are available. As was previously reported the songs were written to be loosely connected by a post apocalyptic theme. Founding member Michael Bilinski explains how the album has evolved.

"When we set out to make this album, I knew the songs would be connected but I didn't want to do a traditional concept album. As we worked the songs however, it became clear that they were naturally moving in that direction. I decided to keep the process as organic as possible and just let it happen, which turned out to be the right decision."

The End Is Here marks the start of a new era for the band. Vocalist Jennifer Renee Price and drummer Sam Mckee are making their album debuts with the band, and Bilinski made a conscious decision to utilize more of a live band approach to the recording. Along they way the album doubled in size.

"While I was writing I could picture the images of the story coming to life like a movie and before long I could to hear the score to that film in my head. I started recording it initially to use as a reference for myself to keep the story and mood on track, but as it developed I realized that having the score with the album would help immerse listeners in this world in away that I have never seen done before."

A digital booklet and interactive online materials are also being produced to further complement the story elements, but the band also states that the songs can be taken on their own and don't hinge on the concept.

"The story, the score and everything else are there for those who want to go further with it, but we kept the casual listener in mind throughout the entire process," explains Bilinski.

This groundbreaking double album will be released by The Genepool/Universal in the coming months, with the first tracks expected to surface around Halloween.

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