PHIL ANSELMO’s Cooking Hostile – Episode 4 Update Synopsis Released

July 16, 2014, 3 years ago

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Cooking Hostile, the animated series that sees Phil Anselmo (Down, Pantera) hosting a cooking show has released a short synopsis for episode 4 The Dream:

“In the main scene Phil has a dream and finds himself in a Dungeon like environment as a contestant along with two other contestants on America's Favorite Cooking Game show Slawtered . Each contestant will cook/perform their recipes in front of a host and three judges (elebrity musicians). The judges will also have musical performances. Add some chaos and shenanigans to the mix and there you have it. We didn't skimp on ingredients this episode either. It looks like Ep. 4 will fall around the 10 minute range and includes a smorgasbord of music. Thank you for your patience!”

Episode 3:

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