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October 9, 2008, 10 years ago

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Special report by David Perri

Given all the recent activity in the QUO VADIS camp, band leader Bart Frydrychowicz spoke to BW&BK; in order to both dispel numerous rumours that have circulated around the group and to communicate the actual comings and goings of Quo Vadis. Amongst many other things, Frydrychowicz revealed that the Montréal collective is gearing up for a Quebec/Ontario tour in late-October and November and will hit the studio at the beginning of 2009 for an album that might sport the wicked title …But Who Prays For Satan?

BW&BK;: What is the current status of Quo Vadis?

Bart Frydrychowicz : “The band has gone through some lineup changes in the past two months and at the moment we are actively working on new material at 40 West Studio. Patrice (Hamelin, also of MARTYR) will record drums the second weekend of October and hopefully if everything goes well I expect to have some new material mixed and ready for the upcoming October Canadian dates. I'm can't wait to record! The new material is the most challenging we're ever done, both musically and from the point of view of speed and aggression. I'm crossing my fingers that in two weeks you'll be able to hear and judge for yourself. In regards to the lineup, the new members have been confirmed and I expect more details to be revealed some time in the second week of October. There are some details like band photos to take into account so we're just waiting for that to take place.”

BW&BK;: Why did Stéphane Paré, Yanic Bercier and Dominic “Forest” Lapointe leave Quo Vadis in July?

BF: “Well there seems to have been lots of rumors, speculation and miscommunication surrounding the changes. Some of the changes have been in the works for months, for example we knew that Forest would be busy at the end of the year with recording and touring for his other bands and we've been looking for a sub together with Forest since the beginning of the year. As a session musician, Forest has other commitments and we would never ask of him to prioritize Quo Vadis over his primary bands. We may still do shows with him at the end of 2008 and next year when he's available. With regard to Yanic, I know it was a very difficult decision to make on his part. People change, priorities change, personal situations change and he's been flying in from Tennessee for all the shows so you can imagine with the recent developments in the US/gas prices/travel and the fact that we were working remotely on the new record had probably something to do with it. I guess sometimes you have to make difficult decisions and this one was Yanic's. For sure on my end I will miss him on stage and working with him because he's been like a brother to me for 15 years and we've been through so much together.”

BW&BK;: Have new members for the band been secured?

BF: “Yes, the new lineup has been confirmed and the new members will be

announced in the next few weeks before the shows.”

BW&BK;: Is Quo Vadis writing a new record?

BF: “Absolutely! We're recording new material in the next two weeks before the shows, and I really hope to be able to have at least one song mixed and ready before we go on the road. I have about two albums worth of material that we were simply not able to finish due to geographical limitations. We will be playing some shows in October and December. Once those are out of the way we will finish the next record in the following months.”

BW&BK;: Will Quo Vadis continue to tour?

BF: “Of course, we have shows scheduled October 23-November 3 in Quebec and Ontario and we're working out the details for shows in the Maritimes in December. My goal in 2009 is to tour the US on a major tour. I can't wait to be back on stage! With my accident in September, the fact that I couldn't walk for a few weeks I am just waiting for the next moment to channel all that energy on stage. I can't wait!”

BW&BK;: What happened to your knees during the September 6th show in Montréal at Le Medley?

BF: “I have an old sports injury in my right knee where both of my ligaments are gone and it re-surfaces once every few years. In the few weeks prior to September 6th I was putting the show together, confirming the bands, negotiating promotion, working with the guys from BCI on schedules, lighting, sound and crew, all this while working in L.A. on other projects. This was very difficult due to time zone differences and when I came back to Montreal about two weeks before the show I ended up sleeping 3-4 hours a day.

I was simply exhausted. The injury in my right knee came back, I could not walk properly even before I walked on stage on September 6th. Since all my weight was on my left leg and those who have seen us live know how much energy I put into the performance, my other knee gave out and I literally could not stand or hold my weight. The pain was excruciating and Rob “The Witch” from NECRONOMICON and Stephane Mellul from BCI literally carried me around on stage half the set, finally setting me up on a chair so that I could finish the show. Steph actually wanted to cut the show short but I just could not let that happen, the fans deserved every ounce of energy, and every song that was on the set list to be played. We're on stage after all for the music, so the music took priority. After the show the Medley staff wheeled me out on some road cases and Roxanne took me to the hospital. That was a crazy couple of days, to have both legs affected, to have this happen at such a memorable show, and to end up in the hospital at the end of it all was just surreal. I kept asking for people to pinch me because I could not believe the circumstances of it all. If it's a dream, I must be still sleeping. In the end I was told I will have to have surgery on the second knee some time in the upcoming months.”

BW&BK;: What are the goals for Quo Vadis in 2008?

BF: “The last few months of the year will be spent recording and touring. 2009 will begin in the studio and I can't wait for everyone to hear the new material. I have very high expectations and just like with all the previous albums, the next one will hopefully be a great leap forward. The new album will be unmistakably Quo Vadis. I've always been deeply involved in the writing process for every record so you can expect consistency from that perspective. There will be lots of fretless for bass fans, break-neck speed and aggression. In fact the song we're planning to have ready in the next two weeks is the fastest and most technical Quo Vadis song yet. The title for the album has not been decided yet but I'm thinking of calling it ...But Who Prays for Satan? I also found out that I will need surgery on the second knee that was injured on September 6th, so I'll try to fit that in some time in 2009.”

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