Report: BLACK SABBATH The Key To Gardening Success

April 19, 2013, 4 years ago

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The UK's The Guardian is reporting:

Garden guru Chris Beardshaw is recommending a new technique for bigger blooms – blast your plants with heavy metal.

The broadcaster and gardening expert reveals on Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time on Friday that a constant diet of BLACK SABBATH worked wonders on a greenhouse full of plants, but exposure to Sir CLIFF RICHARD killed every plant in a horticultural experiment.

Black Sabbath, led by singer Ozzy Osbourne, are seen as pioneers of heavy metal with tracks such as 'Iron Man' and 'Paranoid'. Beardshaw says using rock music as a nutrient appears to create larger flowers and they are more disease-resistant.

The test came about because one of his horticultural students wanted to write a dissertation based on the effects of music on plants.

"We set up four glasshouses with different sorts of music in to see what happened to the plants.

"We had one that was silent – that was a control house – and we had one that was played classical music, we had one that was played Cliff Richard and we had one that was played Black Sabbath.

"It was alstroemerias we were growing and we bombarded these glasshouses with sound for the life of the plant."

Read more at The Guardian.

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