Ronnie Stixx Explains Departure From SHADOWKEEP

June 6, 2005, 13 years ago

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As previously reported, vocalist Ronnie Stixx has left SHADOWKEEP due to “conflicting personalities within the band.”

Ronnie has issued the following statement:

“Just wanted to set the record straight why I left.

The Mexico festival did play a big part in it. I had spent a lot of time in booking that festival and helping the MMF promote the fest.

I did not quit before the festival. I did quit after I was told the day before that SK had canceled and pulled out of the festival, which is not very professional to break your word to the promoters, and most importantly the fans.

I am saddened that things had to turn out this way for the new album was promised to be the best SK ever. Now all that has gone to waste.

ShadowKeep was at a stand still for 3 years before I joined the band. I put a lot of time and effort promoting the band and getting SK back out there.

As far as Mexico goes, I felt I owed it to the fans and the promoters to show up and apologize in person. I could no longer continue being a part of a band that has so much potential but yet have a lot of negativity.

I had a great time meeting all the fans on the European and Texas tours. Thanks for your support!

I can’t wait to see you guys again.”

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