ROYAL HUNT - 20th Anniversary Special Edition To Be Released As Triple Vinyl; New Album On The Horizon

December 31, 2012, 4 years ago

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Denmark's ROYAL HUNT has issued the following update:

"It seems like we'll have quite a bit of fun in 2013: 20th Anniversary Special Edition package has been received so well that we're in talks right now about releasing it as a gorgeous looking triple vinyl – with bonuses!

A new album? Indeed and this time we'll deliver something that we've never done before – a third decade of RH's evolution should start with a bang! And what about touring? Absolutely! We've already started discussing it with our promoters so expect to get rocked royally as soon as all the dates will be sorted out – we´ll keep you posted.

Happy New Year, dear friends, see you all soon!"

Royal Hunt put together a video teaser for the release of the 20th Anniversary Special Edition of their debut album, which was issued in November in Europe and Japan; it will be available in North America on January 22nd, 2013.

This very special best of package includes three CDs and one DVD, featuring the best Royal Hunt songs from all 11 albums, a brand new song plus three newly recorded acoustic versions of three additional songs and a DVD including all the promotional videoclips shot by the band during their long ride.

Royal Hunt - 20th Anniversary Special Edition includes the following tracklisting:

CD 1:


'Kingdom Dark'


'Clown In The Mirror'

'Wasted Time'



'Far Away'


'River Of Pain'

'Tearing Down The World'

'Message To God'

CD 2:

'Cold City Lights'

'Follow Me'


'The Mission'

'Can't Let Go'

'Paper Blood'

'Season's Change'

'The First Rock'

'Tears Of The Sun'

'The Well'


'Hard Rain´s Coming'

'Half Past Loneliness'

CD 3:

'Save Me' (new song)

'One By One' (unplugged)

'Bodyguard' (unplugged)

'Restless' (unplugged)

'Bad Luck'

'Double Conversion'


'Sixth Sense'

'Day Is Dawning'


'Land Of Broken Hearts'

'Day In Day Out'

'Clown In The Mirror'

'Far Away'

'Last Goodbye'

'Stay Down'

'River Of Pain'

'Tearing Down The World'

'Martial Arts'

'Third Stage'

'Wasted Time'

'Message To God'

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