SAMMY HAGAR Says VAN HALEN Used Backing Tapes Of MICHAEL ANTHONY's Vocals On Reunion Tour

October 28, 2011, 5 years ago

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According to The Pulse Of Radio, ex-VAN HALEN/current CHICKENFOOT vocalist Sammy Hagar has accused the band of using tapes of backing vocals originally done by former bassist Michael Anthony (also Chickenfoot) on its 2007/2008 reunion tour, for which Anthony was replaced by guitarist Eddie Van Halen's teenage son Wolfgang. Hagar told Attention Deficit Delirium, "Those vocal harmonies on the last tour were Mike on tape. Mike should've reamed them for it. Wolfie don't sing like that, and Ed sure as hell don't. Go on the internet and listen to Ed's voice live from the reunion with me. Hear him sing on 'When It's Love' and some of those songs. Ed can't sing, and his voice is shot if he can, from cigarettes and booze anyway."

Anthony and Hagar both last played with Van Halen on a 2004 reunion tour that ended acrimoniously. Both maintain that Anthony was booted from Van Halen for maintaining a friendship and working relationship with Hagar.

Wolfgang appeared throughout the 2007/2008 tour, which was the band's first with original frontman David Lee Roth in 23 years. This lineup of the group recently completed work on a new album — the band's first with Roth in 27 years — although the project and its release plan are shrouded in mystery.

Hagar told The Pulse Of Radio that he thinks Van Halen made a grave mistake leaving Anthony out of the reunion tour with Roth. "Anyone in their right mind would know if you're gonna get Roth back — finally! — after all these abortions they've had, you get Mikey and you do the reunion tour, what the world really was waiting for. Not just fuck it up again. It's almost like they don't care about their fans. They just want to badger them until -- see how much they'll take."

Hagar added that he doesn't think the new Van Halen album will ever see the light of day, saying, "They've been working on that record for a year and a half or whatever, and they keep postponing and postponing it. I just know that Wolfie, Dave and Ed are not the Van Halen that the world wants to see. To do it with David without Mike was a horrible decision, but those guys haven't made a good decision since I left the band."

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