SAXON's Nigel Glockler On New Album Sacrifice - "I Didn't Want It To Sound Euro-Metal"

January 28, 2013, a year ago

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SAXON drummer Nigel Glockler was recently interviewed by Decibel Geek writer Rich (The Meister) Dillon. During their Q&A session, they discussed Saxon's new album, Sacrifice, due in February. An excerpt follows: What can we expect from this record? How involved in the writing process were you?
Nigel: "Everyone was very involved writing-wise - there has to be a starting point for each song, be it a riff, or keyboard idea, a drum pattern, melody, title, or whatever, and I personally think this album's a killer - but that's just my humble opinion! (Producer) Andy (Sneap)'s done a wonderful job on it - I was determined that there should be no samples on the kit - I didn't want it to sound euro-metal like so many other bands - I love the fact that I can hear the softest snare ghost note but the mix still tears your head off!" To read the interview in its entirety, click here. Exact release dates for Sacrifice are as follows: February 22 - Europe 25 - The UK 26 - North America The cover art and tracklisting can be seen below:
'Sacrifice' 'Made In Belfast' 'Warriors Of The Road' 'Guardians Of The Tomb' 'Stand Up And Fight' 'Walking The Steel' 'Night Of The Wolf' 'Wheels Of Terror' 'Standing In A Queue' 'Luck Of The Draw' (iTunes only track) The limited, digi-book edition features a second disc, containing five re-worked Saxon originals: 'Crusader' 'Just Let Me Rock' 'Forever Free' 'Requiem (We Will Remember)' 'Frozen Rainbow'
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