SKULL FIST - Footage Of Frontman Jackie Slaughter's Skateboard Accident Released: "Broken Necks Ain't Nothin'!"

July 23, 2013, 4 years ago

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Back in early May, SKULL FIST guitarist and singer Jackie Slaughter had to be rushed into the hospital after a skateboarding accident, forcing th eband to push back scheduled tour dates by a month. According to a statement from Jackie shortly after the accident, "I have broken my neck, fractured my skull, broken my cheek bone, fractured my eye socket, got a very bad concussion, cracked my ribs, all at once."

Video of the accident has been posted online by the band. It can be viewed below.

"The footage was filmed and edited in Toronto by Gabriel Morka. After trying to slide down a kinker Jackie broke two bones in his face and broke his neck, not to mention some gnarly scars on his face. The hospital footage was two days later. Big thanks to the tiled brick and wooden rails! Three weeks later he was jammin. Seven to eight weeks after the accident the band did a mexican tour. Broken necks ain't nothin!"

Skull Fist has also checked in with the following update:

"Dear Mexico, we love the shit out of you and your alcohol. We will return 100% next year. so don't worry. We will all party again and rock again and drink again but next time even harder. More smokes, more tequila, mre Mezcal! We are on our way back to Canada now hungover as hell. All of the gigs were killer. it was rad as fuck to meet everyone and party with everyone!

As you know it was fuckin brilliant to have the chance to rock with VOLTAX! They are the coolest damned band and we had the raddest time! You will see more of us and Voltax in the future to come! Enclosed is fistax being tigers! Party on until next time!"

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