SLAYER’s Tom Araya Talks Slayer Wine; Video

October 26, 2013, 3 years ago

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Kriss Panic of Dogday Production spoke to SLAYER bassist/vocalist Tom Araya about the band's Sweden-exclusive red wine before Slayer's August 2013 concert at the Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden.

Reign In Blood Red Cabernet Sauvignon is named after the band’s classic 1986 album and was released exclusively in Sweden in April 2012 by Brands For Fans.

"We received an inquiry from the BPM, the agent who owns the rights to make the drink for Slayer and felt that we wanted to do it. Many might think that Slayer are beer drinkers, but they like wine," says Brands For Fans founder Sari H Wilholm.

The fact that Sweden is the first market to Reign In Blood, the wine is launched on a thought-out strategy.

'Sweden is a good market to start," says Wilholm. "We are a small country but with incredibly dedicated fans that make it worthwhile to test launch in Sweden. The response has been enormous; we never thought it would be this. Given the reactions seem to be a lot of Slayer fans out there. Especially very responses we have received from Finland who has a lot of hard rockers."

When asked why it was a good idea to launch a Slayer wine, Wilholm added: "Slayer would never sell their name without having been involved throughout the process and have recognized and tried the product. The commitment I think is different than other artists who publish similar products. It is quite unexpected that just Slayer released a wine but they are just ordinary guys who like things that you and me."

According to a press release, the wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon from California, is as “uncompromising and tough as the band. After a couple of Seasons In The Abyss, the wine has an undisputed attitude and a soft nose of dark berry fruits with oak and spicy nuances. Good mouth feel with hints of fresh fruit and juicy, smooth tannins. Well-structured and rounded with subtle notes of oak, showing true Divine Intervention. Enjoy it while headbanging, riffing or with food, friends and great music. Reign in Wine!”

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