SNAKECHARMER's Neil Murray - "There Is No Deliberate Attempt To Try And Sound Like WHITESNAKE"

April 18, 2013, 4 years ago

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Bassist Neil Murray (WHITESNAKE, BLACK SABBATH) recently spoke with John Parks from Legendary Rock Interviews about his new band SNAKECHARMER, an excerpt follows:

A song like 'A Little Rock And Roll' has an almost epic feel to it, and 'Turn Of The Screw' is just really catchy hard rock. Do you think the band and Chris (Ousey, vocalist) managed to capture a pretty wide variety of moods and styles while staying within the format that people would expect from a band like Snakecharmer?

"Yes, is the short answer! There were a few ideas which didn’t stir the imagination of some of the guys so we didn’t take them any further, but there is no master plan of what we should sound like, it’s just what we collectively enjoy playing and listening to. We know that people perhaps expect a particular style of music from us but there is no deliberate attempt to try and sound like Whitesnake, it’s just the way things end up because of how we play naturally. Myself and Micky (Moody, guitarist) are only one third of the band so the other guys have a lot of input into how the music sounds. It’s also very early days for us in terms of the amount of gigs we’ve played and the fact that it’s our first album, so we’ll see you what the direction of the band becomes in a year’s time when we have had the fans’ reaction to our live set."

To read the interview in its entirety, visit this location.

In live news, Snakecharmer's next show is June 21st at Manchester Academy in Manchester, UK. Their complete live itinerary can be accessed here.

The video for 'Accident Prone' from Snakecharmer's self-titled debut, which was released in February via Frontiers Records, can be seen below:

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