SOUNDGARDEN Guitarist Kim Thayil On Reunion - "You Start Looking At The Whole Picture And The Positive Things Far Outweigh Everything"

January 21, 2013, 4 years ago

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SOUNDGARDEN's Kim Thayil is featured in a new interview with discussing his reunion with the band for new album, King Animal. An excerpt is available below.

Thayil: "I've read stupid reviews that say, 'Oh, this is obviously a cash grab. That's why they made this record.'"

UG: Fans really felt like you were just cashing in?

Thayil: "It's like, 'Sure, because there's a huge market for live albums and greatest hits records.' I think our attendance was really to our legacy and catalog. No one needed money and everyone's doing fine. No one expected the record industry, which is at a third of what it used to be when we were together, we didn't think that was going to carry us anywhere financially. But it was up to ourselves to enjoy that. What people sometimes forget and they need to focus on is believe it or not there are four human beings that have to see value in a relationship with each other. I mean you know how difficult it is for two people to manage a relationship and we all know that even in the context of a civil and legal commitment they still fail."

"Just imagine a partnership with four guys who are involved in something that's very emotional and sensitive like songwriting and musicianship where you're sharing of yourself. When you have that sharing and you feel it's not being embraced or if you feel that maybe you're feeling rejected, well that's a tough thing to manage with two people. With four people in the band granted we're not f--king each other-we're just f--king with each other. Still we gotta make sure the love is there and it was and so that's a good thing."

UG: When you did get together to work on King Animal how did you feel?

Thayil: "Sometimes with distance you get a perspective. Sometimes in a band or a relationship kind of unravels you might have negative thoughts and feelings and sometimes those are reinforced when you see each other again. But over time you get a better perspective and the initial stimuli that triggered the response kind of fades. You start looking at the whole picture and the positive things far outweigh everything. Then when you get together and you have a positive experience, you start recalling and reminiscing all these humorous stories and warmly fraternal incidents and exchanges from the studio or the road or even extra-curricular or band experiences and other events with other friends. You realize like, 'Wow, we really kinda grew up together' and you have a lot of shared biography there."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

Footage from Soundgarden's appearance on SiriusXM Town Hall at the historic Electric Lady Studios is available on YouTube below.

In front of an audience of super fans, the band perform their new single 'Been Away Too Long' and the classic 'Rusty Cage'. During a Q&A; with the FOO FIGHTERS' Taylor Hawkins they talk about being covered by the late JOHNNY CASH.

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