STIGMATIC CHORUS Issue New Album Update; Promo Track Posted

November 25, 2012, 4 years ago

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The fifth studio album of Russian symphonic black metal legends STIGMATIC CHORUS, entitled Fanatic, contains nine tracks of sympho black metal madness from the very depths of the dark abyss. The concept of the album, written by Dan Sein and Demether Grail, tells the bloody events of old, when American town Nauvoo was plunged into darkness and filled with atmosphere of aggression and religious fanatism.

Increibdle cover-art painted by Alexander Tarcus, as special guests Natalia Terekhova (Dark Princess) and Demether (Arcane Grail). Recording took place in Arsafes Studio under the guidance of Roman Arsafes (KARTIKEYA). Music has become more brutal, fast and melodic at the same time, the band will be opened for all in a new way, as the songs are full with mad vocals and crazy drum parts of Andrey Ischenko.

The album comes out on December 2nd. Check out the track 'Myatezh Gluptsov' ('Riot Of The Fools)' below:

More on Stigmatic Chorus here.

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