TED NUGENT - Nuge Java Signature Coffee Expands Line

April 7, 2011, 6 years ago

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TED NUGENT’s own signature coffee called Nuge Java is available, crafted exclusively for Ted’s Tribe by the Evelyn Bay Coffee Company, Ltd. roasters of specialty grade coffees.

The newest creation for Ted Nugent is a coffee called Serengeti Sunset Coffee that is very dark and rich with plenty of body, a marked acidity, and full flavor.

Says the Nuge: "After a glorious day of hunting, coffee around the campfire with Ted on guitar...Wow, what a way to end the day."

Nuge Java Coffees

- Fred Bear Blend
- Misty Dusk
- Serengeti Sunset NEW!
- Ted's Hunt Blend
- Wackmaster Sunrize

Nuge Java Decaf

- Fred Bear Blend Decaf
- Misty Dusk Decaf
- Ted's Hunt Blend Decaf
- Wackmaster Sunrize Decaf

A Nuge Java Coffee update reads:

"Because 'Uncle Ted' appreciates you purchasing 'the original hunter's coffee' he would like to reward you for your exceptional good taste in selecting the finest coffee available by giving you, free of charge, one of his own Spirit Of The Wild decals from his award winning television show. This 8" logo sticker is the perfect addition to your vehicle, your 4x4, your bow case... even your bathroom mirror!!! Don't miss the opportunity to get your free decal when purchasing two pounds or more of Ted's own Nuge Java. Ted's coffees are custom blended for him, the entire 'Nugent tribe' and you!!!! They are made from the top 5% of the world's coffee production... 'Specialty Grade' beans which are micro-roasted for 'hand-crafted' quality. Now go forth with a cup of Nuge java in your hand and enjoy!!!!"

For more info visit Nugejava.com.

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