TESLA Guitarist Talks DAVE RUDE BAND's The Key - " I Was Going Out To Nashville And Was Writing With Country Writers And Trying To Pitch The Songs To Big Country Artists"

June 24, 2013, 4 years ago

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In a new interview with Rock Radio N1, TESLA guitarist Dave Rude discusses, among other topics, DAVE RUDE BAND's latest hard rock offering, The Key. An excerpt from the interview follows:

Q: Can you tell us a little about the recording of the album, The Key. Who was involved, who produced it, etc.?

A: "Yeah it was produced by Marc Kapetan and we recorded in his studios called American Made Studios in Fresno. That’s about three hours away from where I live so we’d drive down and kinda spend a weekend at a time there doing two or three songs and try and finish them. We’d get most of them completely done, though sometimes I’d have to go back to do overdubs later. It started almost as doing demos to see how the new songs sounded but the studio was really nice. Marc is a friend of mine. He was actually my guitar tech in Tesla when we went over to Europe, but that was just kinda a fun vacation for him; he’s a lawyer and producer!

"Anyway, Marc produced it and the songs came out really well and we thought why not record all the songs we’re stoked on right now and make it a full album. It took almost a year because we would fit recording sessions around Tesla touring schedules and stuff and eventually we ended up with a full album. And it’s the same guys that were on the other two DRB releases – Marco Guzman on bass and Josh Schmidt on drums. And it’s that same kind of vibe.

"The one track on there that is a little different is a song called 'On My Own Again', which is a ballad that I’d written in Nashville. I was going out to Nashville and was writing with country writers and trying to pitch the songs to big country artists. I’ve been doing that for a few years and wrote that song out there with a guy called Doc Holladay and we demoed it out there to pitch to country artists and had a country guy sing it. But I did my own vocal version of it too and when I got home and listened to it I thought this would be perfect for the DRB record, even though it’s a little more country; but it works as a rock ballad too, so I put it on the album. The other good thing about that is that Troy Lucketta from Tesla plays drums on that track because he lives in Nashville and he played on the demo, so it’s kinda neat to have Troy on a DRB record."

Read the full interview at this location.

Produced by Marc Kapetan, The Key (released on June 4th) showcases both Dave’s solid guitar playing skills, and unique songwriting ability. Along with bassist Marco Guzman, drummer Josh Schmidt and Dave's signature guitar style, this release offers up a straight-forward mix of hard rockin’ cuts that will satisfy any and all fans of the genre


'The Key'

'Yours To Hold'


'On My Own Again' (featuring Troy Luckketta)

'Iron Grip'

'Own The Night'

'Forgive Her'

'One Night, One Day'


'Charlie Mansion'

Listen to the album track, 'Yours To Hold':

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