TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION Release 'Damn You To Hell' Single

March 19, 2013, 3 years ago

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Texas southern rock/metal TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION have released 'Damn You To Hell', the second single from their latest album, Peacemaker (Carved Records), to Active Rock radio.

“This song right here could very well be one of the heaviest songs THC has ever written. Partially due to the fact that the music is written by guitarist Wes Wallace who is a heavier-the-better enthusiast”, says vocalist Big Dad Ritch. “Also the fact that we wanted to break down the barbwire fence and go open range, no boundaries. Lyrically, it’s pure cage match and ring entrance material. Boldly challenging and boasting to the opposition: I don’t care what you say, this is mine and this is my way. Bringing my world to the fight world, 'I'm a king in a cage, and I command the stage'. Yawl know me - BDR, the King of Texas, the stage commander, and yawl know, 'I'm a lunatic n it’s about to get sick!'."

‘Damn You To Hell’ is available for purchase. Check out a preview below. Click here to purchase.

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