THE GARDNERZ Offer Free Download Of New Album

June 18, 2013, 4 years ago

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Swedish doom metal band THE GARDNERZ have released Exiting Reality as a free download via Digmetalworld Records in North America, featuring two new songs.

The band commented: "With this release we want to affirm our standing as the most interesting and versatile doom/death band around these days. When most bands play it safe, we try to go our own way and incorporate all kinds of twists and turns into our music. We think this is our best sounding release and our most interesting work to date. This being our second release with this line up, we feel that we have really hit our stride and everyone know what to do to make the sweet music we call deadly doom.

Lyrically both songs are linked and therefore being part one and two. Part one deals with an awakening, to see things for what they are, what impact your actions has on your surroundings and the once around you. Part two is about the liberation from all that. A closure if you like. We feel certain that these two songs will leave you longing for more of our epic doom/death metal."

Exiting Reality tracklisting:

‘Exiting Reality Pt. 1’

‘Exiting Reality Pt. 2’

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