THE ROTTED Announce "Anti-Pledge" Campaign For New Single

February 20, 2013, 4 years ago

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UK death metallers THE ROTTED have issued the following update:

"Over the last few years, we’ve watched with interest bands that have been using this new 'pledge' system off the internet of making records, where people pay for the finished product before it’s even been recorded. But in typical Rotted fashion, we’ve done it all arse-over-tit and recorded the song first, and now ask that you 'pledge' money toward owning it. You won’t have to wait, simply download the track from iTunes, CD Baby or Amazon today and it’s yours instantly. (Personally, I reckon our revolutionary new way of making music is going to take off big time, and more bands will follow suit soon. Watch this space!)

We self-funded 'Rotted Fucking Earth' and it will be released on our own Anarchogram Industries label. It’s about throw away culture and the acceleration of just about everything in modern society. We decided that in a world of 8 string guitars, 12 string basses and drumkits from hell "shredding" in weird scat-jazz time signatures that we wanted a stripped down song with lots of shouting, and where the verse and chorus are the same chords. It’s the most knuckle-dragging, drunken-swaggering, punk-rocking song we’ve ever written.

We have over 4700 'likes' on Facebook alone. If 100% of those people buy the track for only 79p, we’ll make a new album. If 50% buy it, we’ll make a new EP or 7" Vinyl and a new video. If 20% buy the track, we’ll have covered our costs. If none of you buy it, we promise to fuck off forever."

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