THY SYMPHONY Set For A New Beginning In April

March 20, 2013, 2 years ago

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Brazil power/symphonic metal group will release their new album A New Beginning on April 5th via Sleaszy Rider Records. They will commence on a European tour in May to support the album. A press release describes their music as “power metal with orchestral and classic sounds, and movie score kind of atmosphere.”
A New Beginning tracklisting: ‘Hope And Fear’ ‘Galaxy’s Great Eye’ ‘Saints And Sinners’ ‘Revolution’ ‘Charming Nymph’ ‘Where Land Begs For The Sun’ ‘Dark Knight’ ‘Watcher’ ‘Thin Line To Insanity’ ‘WTC (Win The Conspiracy’ ‘Time Traveler’ ‘2012 A New Beginning’ ‘Spark Of Life’ For more info visit

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AGNOSTIC FRONT - "Social Justice"

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