TIM DONAHUE - Harp Guitar Models For 2013 To Start Production This July

May 6, 2013, 4 years ago

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Fretless / harp guitarist TIM DONAHUE (MADMEN & SINNERS) is happy to announce 2013 TD Harp Guitar models will start production this July. Improved versions of Dr. Hook, Dr. Fret, a choice of 650mm long scale and new high-gloss black and natural mahogany finishes are now being offered.

For more details, including a full photo gallery of these and other options, visit Donahue's new 'products' webpage here.

In addition, Donahue is offering a reservation system that allows each harp guitar to be tailored to the customer's needs. For complete details, visit the pricing webpage here, which includes the current pricing schedule, and reservation deadlines and prices.

As previously reported, Donahue has completed Lessons 1 and 2 of a long-awaited series of Tim Donahue Harp Guitar DVD lessons. The DVDs are available exclusively to Donahue's signature harp guitarists, and will be included free of charge with the purchase of a TD signature harp guitar. Many topics are covered in these first two lessons. For more information visit TimDonahue.com.

Several topics are covered in this 3-hour series:

Lesson 1:

- Harp Guitar Setup
- Audio / Effects Processing Setup
- String Gauges
- F# Lowbass Tuning
- Marking Harmonics On Harp Strings
- Fingernail Shaping

Lesson 2A:

- Performance Video Of 'Ostinato' Study Piece

Lesson 2B:

- 'Ostinato' Playing Techniques Breakdown
- Building Left / Right Hand Independence
- Harp / Fingerboard Rhythmic Syncopation
- Harmonized Melody On Harp
- Harmonized Melody On Fingerboard
- Harp Tapping / Percussive Grooves
- 3-Part Playing Technique / Exercises
- Behind Bridge Playing

Japanese rock fusion guitarist Nozomi Itani recently released his new ITANI album, Station To Station. Featured guests on the album include Donahue on fretless guitar and thrashers UNITED guitarist Singo Otani on 7-string.

Itani and Donahue teamed up for a live show on January 25th in Tokyo, Japan at Live House Welcome Back. Donahue hit the stage with Itani on fretless electric guitar for the track 'Critical Limit' during the set; fan-filmed video is available below:

Itani checked in with BW&BK; following the show with an update:

"It seems TD really loved to join my stage, so we have decided to do an another show together in March - Guitar Talk 2013 Vol. 2. I'm very excited and looking forward to having the next opportunity to play with Tim again."

Donahue plays on the Station To Station tracks 'Leather Jacket' and 'Critical Limit'. Check out audio samples of all tracks via the widgets at the bottom of the page.

Station To Station is also available via CDBaby.com here.

Itani recently spoke with BW&BK;'s Carl Begai about Donahue's involvement on the record:

"Several years ago, I met Tim during a jam session. Tim and I are in the same age, and we have much in common. We are good friends for a long time now. We did few duo gigs in Japan with my guitar and his self-produced electric harp guitar. When I started to work for my new album Station To Station, I asked him to join my record with his fretless guitar. Although he rarely plays his fretless guitar in the past years, he agreed to rock again for my record. His performance on my album is outstanding and brilliant. I'm proud to have him on my record."

For information on Itani go to this location.

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